Your Guide To Buying A Used Underwater Metal Detector

Buying a used underwater detector should be a well thought out process before you jump the gun and purchase just any underwater detector. The process should follow the questions below. Once you answering each question, you will be ready to buy a detector and start hunting.

Who Am I buying The Detector For?

The majority of metal detectors available either used or new are geared towards the adults user. If you are looking to purchase one for a child, get a model or the brand that is described as being a detector for children. These machines can be too complicated for a kid to grasp. Teenagers should not have much of a problem using most of the available sensors but may need a little tutoring from an adult when getting started.

What Type Of Hunting Will I Be Doing?

Metal detectors fall into two groups: land units and underwater units. Most of the best underwater metal detectors can be used on land, but you cannot take a land detectors underwater. If you plan on looking for sunken treasure on your next diving adventure, be sure to get an underwater detector.

Which Metal Detector Should I Buy?

After deciding how you will use your detector, you need to learn more about an old metal detectors that you usually find used. To do this consult the online forums such as FindMall or TreasureNet.

Many of the forum members have been metal detecting for years and have used many different brands and models. You can benefit from the experience they have!

Another method is to read the ads in the old treasure magazines such as Lost Treasure, Western and the Eastern Treasure, and also True Treasure. In some of these magazines, you can even find tests conducted on certain models of metal detectors.

How Much Should I Spend?

Once you decide on the brand and model, spend as little as possible on the used underwater detector. Keep an eye on the market for this detector by using an auction site such as eBay or others.
You will find that used metal detectors will usually go for about the same price time after time. The going price may vary a little depending which accessories may or may not be included. With this research, you will be equipped with the knowledge to buy your detector at the market price or even lower.

NOTE: Check pricing often so you can jump on any deals which may appear.

Where Can I Buy A Used underwater detector?

Just like exercise equipment that gets little or no use by their owners, metal detectors are often used microscopic and are just left in the garage or basement gathering dust. This is a good thing for you!

If you do not care to wait, you can find used metal detectors at garage/yard sales, pawn shops, flea markets, newspaper classifieds and estate sales. You may not have the advantage of finding a particular brand or model, but you can usually find a good deal.

You can also find a metal detector at the online classified ads sites such as CraigsList. Be very cautious when buying this way and insist the seller provides a telephone number so you can discuss the underwater detector before any purchase.

When you’re shopping for a particular machine, the best place to find them are at the online underwater detector stores and auction sites such as eBay or others. Most of these sites accept Paypal or credit cards for the purchase. In either case, you will be covered in case the underwater detector has a problem.